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Being Outdoors Improves Working Efficiency

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Of course, not all companies can afford to change their office space like Google. In addition, the nature of your industry may not encourage you to be outside all day. However, employers can introduce new practices in the workplace that allow employees to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. Activities such as meetings and al fresco dining provide a change of scenery, employee relaxation and stress relief. Such changes in the office will help increase the level of happiness and productivity of employees.

But what to do if it rains or the sun shines very brightly every day? Shade ‘N Net comes to the rescue.

Canopy requirements
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Canopy requirements

You have to decide what material such a structure will be made of, because a fabric canopy is also suitable to hide from the sun’s rays, canopies can be made of polycarbonate or other materials. Look at some examples on shade-n-net.com. The main thing is that the design is durable, well protected from sunlight, looks attractive, and is safe for workers. In addition, for a summer cafe, it is important that after the end of the season, it is possible to dismantle the structure without destroying it, because after winter the sun shelter will need to be reinstalled.

Fabric materials

Fabric canopies, which are called awning structures, can be made of tarpaulin, protective mesh or reinforced polyethylene film, but materials with a PVC coating are used for cafes. Such PVC film allows you to create designs with qualities that make them practical and convenient.

Fabric materials
Photo by Athena from Pexels

The fabric and PVC covering are light in weight and therefore there is no need for a solid foundation. The shelter turns out to be quite strong even on a wooden frame.

Awning structures are dismantled well. Storage does not require much space, and reassembly can be completed faster than other types of awnings.

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