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How to check the proxy quality?

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Proxy servers are helper programs, they are used in parallel with other programs. In this scheme, proxy servers are intermediaries.

They can be used for the following purposes:

  • make the process of loading sites faster;
  • test various online services;
  • do not fall under the restrictions of the Local Network Administrator who has restricted access to certain website addresses;
  • hide your IP address at different levels of anonymity;
  • have access to various sites that have limited access from different countries.

If you buy HTTP proxies, then you will discover the full range of all the functions of this program.

How can I check the anonymity of a proxy myself?

Anonymity is one of the quality criteria. This indicates whether the site owner will be able to determine your IP address or you will be an anonymous guest of the site. There are different levels of anonymity that are specific only to HTTP:

  • Without anonymity: the owner will know your IP address, and he is aware that you are using a proxy;
  • Low anonymity: in this case, the owner will not be able to find out your IP, but he will know that you are trying to hide it;
  • Average anonymity: the owner is aware that you are using a proxy server and sees your IP address, but in fact this address is not yours;
  • High anonymity: the highest quality proxy hides not only your IP address, but also the fact that you use this program.

Verification of this anonymity can be entrusted to special services, or you can do it yourself. It is enough to perform the following steps:

  • through a proxy server, we make a request to the script;
  • the script checks the headers;
  • with PHP support, we write a request:
  • turn on the proxy and open the file in the browser.

The page will show all HTTP headers that came from your side.

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