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Standardization of equestrian sports and equipment

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The role of standardization in modern conditions is increasing all the time due to emergence of new areas of application of standards: in the social sphere, banking, insurance medicine, appraisal activities. In sports, standardization also takes place. Each sport has certain standards, swimming, figure skating, equestrianism, etc. Especially the latter is strictly regulated by various criteria.

What influences the results of equestrian sports

The path to victories is long and thorny, absolutely everything must play a role here: professionalism of functionaries of equestrian federations, trainers, teachers, research and methods of specialists, efficiency of equestrian schools, availability of show jumping and dressage fields and equipment, medical support and pedagogical control and much more, which together form a system for training cool equestrians.

The role of sports equipment

Any sport implies the presence of at least some equipment, without which training and competition are simply impossible. To tell the truth, this applies not only to sports uniforms, but also to equipment, simulators, etc. The effectiveness of training depends on the quality and professional performance of these elements. After all, if, for example, safety stirrups are made according to all standards from high-quality materials, then it is more efficient to work with them.

Magnetic stirrups

Currently, magnetic stirrups are popular, which have two poles: one in the stirrup, the other in the rider’s boot. Streamlined shape, stylish colors, comfort and, most importantly, safety are loved by many athletes. Even famous equestrian bloggers use such equipment. If you’re interested, you can search YouTube for a few videos showing how to use safety stirrups while exercising.

Consider all the requirements

The equipment must comply with international requirements and standards. It is important to consider manufacture materials of the items. This affects training, its quality, and even safety of the athlete.

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